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ANSH INDIA is a recognized and established manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Natural Henna Powder, Herbal Henna Powder, 100% Herbal Henna Based Hair Colours, Indigo Hair Dye Powder and Indian Herbs for hair treatment in India.

These products that we manufacture are in high demand and are admired in the international market due to their quality standards and certain important characteristics, such as manufacturing processes, 100% organic, efficient and better results, safe to use, easy to use and high quality.

Our high customer base and our production activities ensure that our customers are satisfied with our herbal product. This is ensured through the continuous improvement of production techniques and, therefore, the use of innovative technologies in our manufacturing processes which makes ANSH, one of the most promising manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Natural Henna, Herbal henna, Henna Hair Dye, 100% Herbal Henna Based Hair Colours, Indigo Hair Dye Powder and Indian Herbs.

We certify that the herbal hair product is hygienically packaged to ensure the preservation of its healthy properties. The product itself is reviewed by qualified and trained technicians who take into account the experience of generations.

Our experts manufacture these henna products from best quality ingredients, which are obtained from certified suppliers in the market. ANSH always follows the prescribed industrial guidelines at the time of product purchase and throughout the production process until final packaging. We also offer these products in customer-specific packaging that meets customer-specific requirements. We export these products in bulk within specified deadlines at the best prices in the industry.

Our professional team makes an effort to not only meet the needs of our valued customers, but also exceed their expectations. These professional employees strive to provide customers with the best products according to their needs and provide them with the best possible support. Our well-connected logistics network also helps us deliver products to customers on time.

Advantages of our Organic, Herbal Henna and 100% chemical-free hair colors

  • Natural hair color:
    Our organic henna is a natural hair color and has no side effects in comparison with people who use chemical dyes to color their hair, which have different side effects. However, henna keeps you away from all problems. It gives your hair a beautiful orange-red color without any problem.
  • Beautiful conditioner:
    Do you pay a lot for the conditioners? If so, try our 100% chemical-free henna hair colors. It is a good conditioner for your hair and you will find it irresistible. These are the properties that restore the health and charm of your natural hair. It also restores the natural acid-base balance of the scalp.
  • Keeps dandruff away:
    Henna is naturally antifungal and antibacterial. So if you apply henna to your hair, it can help in reducing dandruff and flaky scalp. Daily use of henna only helps you avoid dandruff. So apply ANSH Natural & Herbal Henna Powder on your hair and say goodbye to dandruff.
  • Strengthens hair:
    If you want to strengthen your hair, apply henna. Henna has countless beautiful properties that help your hair become stronger and grow well. It is an excellent quality that penetrates the scalp and strengthens your hair.
  • Increase hair volume:
    If your hair doesn't have smart volume, usehenna . Henna helps to increase the level of your hair. Henna deposits increase the thickness of your wick, gradually increasing the grade. So don't worry anymore, apply henna to your hair that looks beautiful.
  • Enhances natural glow:
    Who doesn't like light and shiny hair? We all love! If you frequently apply henna to your hair, the natural shine is further enhanced. Henna deposits make the cuticles brighter and brighter.